TOP RATED Australian SEO Content Writer
Supporting Local Small Businesses in 2023

You will get high-quality writing

And you'll get it at a SUPER CHEAP price

But you will NOT PAY ME!

Instead, I ask you to DONATE to charity.


When I retired, I was looking for something useful to do, and what could be better than supporting the men and women who run freedom-loving small businesses in Australia?

I see this as win/win/win.
* You win by getting high quality writing that is NOT created by artificial intelligence, and this is a BIG WIN. Why? Details below.
* The charity wins because their donation income gets a boost.
* And I get to do something useful in my retirement years.


After I've gathered whatever information I need from you including the keywords we're targeting [that's the SEO bit... Search Engine Optimisation], I write the agreed content. That could be the text for a home page, about page, FAQ, or other internal web page. Or a 1000-word blog post, or a series of blog posts. If you need anything else, please ask. Revisions? No problem. If something needs changing (which doesn't happen often), just let me know.

If (and only if) you like my work...

You donate to CAP, which stands for Christians Against Poverty. They provide debt counselling and training in money management and job-getting skills to thousands of Australian families of all faiths and none, helping them to free themselves from crippling debt and financial distress. One thing I really like about CAP is that they don't give money away. They help families rebuild their lives. Learn more at Donations are tax deductible.


You decide how much. You choose a figure and make me an offer. However you will not be paying me because your funds will go directly to the charity via the regular donation page on their site. You will not be paying me. I'm just doing the writing.


Apparently it is! Back in the day (before the era of AI writing!), when I was writing for commercial clients at Upwork, they consistently rated my writing with FIVE STARS. That's 5 stars out of 5, btw. And many clients wrote very nice things about me and my work.

In response, Upwork awarded me their coveted Top Rated badge and I was able to brand myself as a "TOP RATED Australian SEO Content Writer".


I write in a conversational and easy-to-read style. But that's not all...

Before releasing what I've written for you, I will scan it twice:
1) at to be sure there's no plagiarism [yes, what I write is UNIQUE], and
2) at to be sure it doesn't read like it was produced by a writing robot. Google wants to see "HELPFUL, reliable, people-first content"^. Helpful is my goal too, for every piece of content for every client.

But that's still not all...

Let's talk for a moment about AI... Artificial Intelligence.

In the USA, if content is created by an AI tool, the copyright belongs to the owner of the tool. Not the writer who used it. And not the business that hired him/her to write.

Will Australian copyright law follow suit? Who knows, but is it worth the risk of getting hit with a copyright lawsuit because you hired a writer who uses ChatGPT? Hardly.

I have always written my own content. And now I'm retired, and writing to support a wonderful charity, my price is even less. Good quality writing at a super-cheap price. Yes, pretty rare. And hard to believe, I know. And like I said above, you only pay if you like my work.

Interested? Then I'll look forward to getting your email.

Cheers for now,

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Oh yes, I should mention that our communication will be via email only. I'm not comfortable on zoom or the phone. If that's a deal breaker for you, please accept my apologies.

But what if I know nothing about your business?

"We are in the timber flooring business and were introduced to Gary as a freelance business writer who could create the text for our new website. What he wrote for us is great. Awesome, actually. We are both very pleased.

He didn't know much about the timber flooring game before this, so he obviously did a lot of research to write the 5 main content pages for the site.

I must say Gary was easy to work with, and always responded promptly. We wanted a professional tone for the site and he achieved that. What he's written is easy to read, too. The corrections we asked for were minor and he did them quickly. And one final thing, the pages (with interlinking) were all laid out in a way that made it easy for our webmaster to use as he created the site itself.

Much appreciated and solidly recommended. And you can post this on your site, Gary."

John and Amy Magnisalis,