SEO content writer for hire

COVID-19 has pushed a lot of businesses to grow their online presence as never before.

Result? You've got more competition than ever.

Result? You need AN EFFECTIVE WEB PRESENCE, now more than ever.

...which means you need web copy that is both engaging
AND search engine optimized
...and that's what I deliver.

SEO content writer

Hello, my name is Gary. I'm a professional SEO content writer.

I write ENGAGING copy that search engines love
and that your readers will TRUST
…which is why clients give me a top rating.
'Every client delighted'

SEO content writer for hire

Now, how I can help you

I write content and copy that is well-researched AND easy-to-read. Let me give you an EXAMPLE...

When John and Amy were ready to take their timber flooring business online, Amy contacted me. I was happy to help but I didn't know much about timber flooring. So I went into deep research mode, then put on my magic writer's hat and they were very pleased with the results.

“We are in the timber flooring business and were introduced to Gary as a freelance business writer who could create the text for our new website. What he wrote for us is great. Awesome, actually. We are both very pleased.

He didn't know much about the timber flooring game before this, so he obviously did a lot of research to write the 5 main content pages for the site.

I must say Gary was easy to work with, and always responded promptly. We wanted a professional tone for the site and he achieved that. What he's written is easy to read, too. The corrections we asked for were minor and he did them quickly. And one final thing, the pages (with interlinking) were all laid out in a way that made it easy for our webmaster to use as he created the site itself.

Much appreciated and solidly recommended. And you can post this on your site, Gary.”

John and Amy Magnisalis,

So what's your style, Gary?

You're wondering if my writing is any good?

If I was in your shoes, I certainly would be.

So… a few words about my writing style.

Typically I write in a friendly conversational style. It's better for READER ENGAGEMENT. Which is why I convert any complex material into Google-friendly easy reads.

And connecting with your readers improves your conversion rate.


Readers don't want stuffy high-brow text, and savvy website owners don't want the sloppy opposite either. In most circumstances, a friendly 'educated conversational' tone works well, using a vocabulary that the average reader is comfortable with.

See how I ended that last sentence with the word 'with'? Stuffy grammarians would give me a smack for that. But the typical reader will feel quite comfortable. Agree?

freelance SEO content writer for hire

What about technical writing?

Can do. Take a look at these examples of my ghostwritten work. See what you think…

When the Nike company released its Nike Better World site in 2011, it captured imaginations the world over. Even though the parallax scrolling which it used had been around before, Nike used it so brilliantly that the site took off into the stratosphere and quickly became one of the most talked about sites on the web. Their mission was simple. To say that Nike is helping to promote participation in sports all around the world. When Nike enlisted the help of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the agreed strategy was to create "a great interactive storytelling experience."

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The trouble with polybutylene, apart from the fact that it's in millions of older American homes, is that some of the additives in the public water supply can damage your poly pipes from the inside out. And you won't know you have a problem until water starts leaking. If the leak is inside your drywall, you've got a major problem on your hands because it may not be immediately apparent. As the water seeps out of the fractured pipe into the house, the damage bill can go through the roof. If the leakage starts under the floor of an upstairs level, well...

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We all like beautiful pictures. Photographers especially do, along with artists and other creative folks. As broadband spreads to more places, with bandwidth limits rising and download speeds increasing, we are seeing more sites with huge images on their homepage and throughout the site. Not so long ago, webmasters didn't load many high-resolution images. Perhaps none at all. Because they were concerned with page loading speed - and rightly so because slow sites find that a lot of would-be visitors click away because the site is sluggish.

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And what about long-form writing?

What a thrill it was. The day Upwork rated me as a 'Rising Talent'. That's the first step on the ladder - and I had made it. What a boost that was to my confidence. I began to believe I could actually make it as a freelancer writer. And when you get YOUR 'Rising Talent' badge, you will too! All I had to do was keep on following my strategy. And what strategy was that? I've boiled it down to 7 of what I'm calling success 'secrets'. But the truth is... they're not secret strategies at all. That's why I wrapped the word secrets in quotes.

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"Oh, so you're a published author. Wow, I'm impressed!" Now, whether they say that out loud or not, most people are going to take you more seriously when they learn you've got a book or two out... You can add the book to your site and plaster its snazzy cover all over your promotions. It's an excellent incentive to offer to new subscribers too... so they'll join your mailing list and...

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Optimized web copy. What's that all about?

That's all about me providing you with content that is Google-friendly. Well, not just Google — there's Bing and Yahoo! and others. But when it comes to internet search engines, the big G is the big daddy of them all. You knew that, didn't you?

FUN FACT #1: I'm a Google-certified digital marketer
FUN FACT #2: I'm a HubSpot-certified content marketer.

The truth is... your site MUST play by Google's rules or their algorithm will hide your site so far from page one that most of the folks you want to reach will never see it.

Enter Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

SEO is the art-science of using search terms for commercial success. It's what SEO copywriting is all about.

But which search terms are these? They're the words your prospective customers are typing into Google. They're called keywords even though often they are not single words, they're longer phrases which in SEO lingo are called 'long tail keywords.'

Actually, even if you'd never heard the term until now, we're all familiar with the concept of long tail keywords these days. Because you've got to type 2 or 3 words, sometimes even 4 or 5 words, before you narrow the search results down enough to get what you're looking for. Right?

So when I'm creating optimized content for you, one of the early topics we'll cover is keywords. The goal is to find the BEST buying keywords for your particular business. You'll give me your initial list of words, then I'll come back to you with an expanded list for your approval. Then the writing work starts.

Having an optimized web presence is pretty much mandatory these days. Businesses which are not easily found with a quick online search are not expected to last.

freelance content writer for hire

What you'll get from me is…

But what do clients say about my work?

Let me guess... You'd LOVE to have a writer like this helping your business?

So... what do you need?

WATCH as I share the introduction to 6 of my articles. The slide changes every 6 seconds

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