Top Hybrid Bikes For Women

As millions of Americans are discovering, bikes are a healthy and efficient way to travel and to exercise. You’re working on your health at the same time as getting around, and saving on fuel as you do both.

For women, hybrid bikes are a popular choice and it’s no wonder because hybrid bicycles combine the advantages of a road bike with the benefits of a mountain bike. They blend the leading characteristics of road, touring and mountain bikes to produce a powerful and robust bike that is fast no matter what the terrain. Speed, power, reliability, off-road handling, and more, all efficiently packaged into one smart looking woman-friendly design.

So here are our picks for the top hybrid bikes for women, but first, why do women need and appreciate a differently designed bicycle?


It’s all about biology and hormones. On average, women tend to be shorter than men, and typically they weigh less. Men have greater muscle mass because of testosterone whereas women have higher levels of body fat than men and lower levels of strength. These are biological facts which the bicycle manufacturers have taken into account when designing hybrid bikes for women.

Women love the fact that lightweight aluminum frames and a wide range of gears are standard, but they also place value on a selection of comfort factors.


The Schwinn brand is renowned for impressive performance and quality construction. We rate the Schwinn Discover as one of the best on the market today. The strong lightweight aluminum frame, the shape of the handlebars (which makes riding more comfortable), the comfort seat and its 21 gears all combine into one great bike. Safety is another factor, with its dependable brakes as you enjoy a downhill dash.

Our other top pick is the Diamondback Vital 2. It too is designed for smooth comfort, with its upright handlebars and double density seat for longer rides. The front wheel’s 63 mm suspension system gives you a smooth riding experience, taking out all the vibrations from an uneven road surface or an off-road track.


You cannot go past either the Schwinn Discover or the Diamondback Vital 2. They both combine the comfort of a mountain bike with the speed and power of a road bike. Whichever you choose, these are both top hybrid bikes designed expressly for women’s physiques, endurance and body build.

Both deliver the speed, comfort and safety women are looking for in a hybrid bike.

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