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Today more than ever, business writing services are an essential part of the success of many companies. Pictures alone won’t cut it. You need words to reach the hearts and minds of your target market.

But not just any words.

Companies, big and small, need well-written words. Accurate words. Combined in a motivational manner.

Now those words can be written in-house if your business happens to have a talented business writer who has the time to produce quality writing for all your needs.

But with the time constraints and economic pressures on most businesses today, few have the luxury of employing a full time staff writer.

Engaging the services of a professional business writer who can produce top-of-the-line copy is an attractive option to an increasing number of businesses. And a cost-effective one too, a point which we’ll explain shortly.

Professional Business Writing Services Online


Writing clear and easily understood text is a result of using what’s called “plain English”.

So what is “plain English”?

It’s a writing technique that presents the information in a logical manner, which makes it easy to understand. The building blocks of the presented concepts are laid out in order so the reader is taken all the way through to the conclusion in a step by step manner.

Plain English writing will use lots of the word “you” rather than the oblique “one” or some other indirect sentence construction. Grammar will be correct, without the writing sounding stuffy.

Everyday words and short sentences too. If using industry jargon would make the meaning clear, he’d use it. If not, he wouldn’t. Simple as that. The whole aim is clear communication so there are no surprises like this: “Sure, I read it but I didn’t know that’s what you meant”.

The whole goal is to make the meaning crystal clear to the reader, without ambiguities (they cause a lot of trouble, which is why lawyers love them). The professional writer who uses plain English seeks to leave no room for confusion. She wants none of her readers to have to read a passage two or three times to figure out what it’s trying to say.

Put that way, it’s self-evident that businesses need their communications to be crystal clear. That includes…
– in house messages,
– public facing messages, and
– documents of agreement with other suppliers and partners.


For a moment, let’s consider the real-world impact of complex writing where documents seem to obfuscate the meaning. Or to put that in plain English, they seem to hide the meaning.

If it’s a training or policy document, many of your staff will have to read it umpteen times to try to figure out the meaning (think: wasted staff time).

Even after repeated reading of the obtuse document, they might still not grasp what the thing was supposed to say. Result: they didn’t do what they were required to do. More wasted time – and time is money.

A worse outcome would be that they got the meaning wrong. If your staff go ahead and do something wrong and it lands your business in legal trouble, that’s when it gets mighty serious.

Sure, there was an initial cost saving which the business achieved by throwing together a poorly worded piece of writing. But even without the lawyers getting involved, the apparent saving gets quickly gobbled up by the fact that your staff struggle to understand it.

One of two things happens next:
1) they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what the document is trying to say, or
2) they go on to make costly errors because the words simply didn’t tell the story they were supposed to tell. When work needs to be re-done, that’s a cost. One that’s invisible at the outset. That’s why poor writing is a semi-invisible (but very real) cost to your business.

Using a professional business writer in the first place would have been a wiser decision that would have saved money and staff frustration.


How many times have you read sloppy writing? Far too often, I’m sure.

So let me ask – what impression did you have of the business that issued the slapdash writing?

Here’s how I respond:
– If they don’t care about their writing, what else don’t they care about?
– How sloppy is their production process?
– How careless will they be about other details?
– Can I really trust their company to do a good job for me?

Credibility is lost. And I look elsewhere. When I find a company that cares enough to get their writing right, it gives me confidence.

I’ll let you finish this sentence. “If they can’t even write clearly…”

The solution is to outsource business-critical writing to the professionals.

Business Writing Services

The best business writing services will be able to take care of many writing tasks, including:

About Us pages for your website (including business biographies)
Autoresponder series (email messages to keep in touch with your customers and prospects)
Blog writing (adding something fresh every week or two)
Brochures for print marketing
Content marketing (articles that actually get read)
Customer success stories
Executive ghostwriting
Ghost-written expert articles
Internal training and policy handbooks
Newsletter articles
Press releases
Research papers
Sales and marketing, offline and online (web copy that converts)
Staff manuals
Video scripts
Web writing (advertorials, landing pages, etc).

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