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On this page, we will identify the benefits of outsourcing the writing of your executive cover letter.

In an oft-quoted statement, the author of Cover Letter for Dummies, Joyce Lain Kennedy, says it so well. “The resume focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future.”

Your resume or CV will briefly outline the best of your relevant career achievements and skills. It is, in essence, a summary of your past.

However the cover letter, which will typically be read first, is where the company can get their first look at you, the person. It’s an important place where you can sell yourself. It’s where you explain how you will contribute to the company and help them achieve their goals.

So a professionally written executive CV should be prefaced by an equally well crafted cover letter, which is why many executives choose to purchase executive cover letters rather than wrestle with the challenge of writing their own.

In your professional life, you are used to hiring skilled staff to get the job done, whatever the job. You’ve chosen this route in order to get the job done right, and to get it done right the first time. At work it’s all about productivity and efficiency, and the same applies with your CV/resume and the accompanying cover letter.

Here are some of the issues and principles which shape the work our trained writers do when crafting executive cover letters. Their number one goal at all times is to get the company to give you a call.


Whereas your CV or resume tends to be a structured document, often laid out in reverse chronological order, the cover letter provides more latitude in the way you introduce yourself to the company.

You can get good mileage out of this opportunity by explaining why you have chosen their company or this industry.

You can briefly tell a story that showcases a relevant achievement of yours.

You can emphasize the ways in which you’ll be an asset, a good fit for the position.


Given that the goal of your CV is to get you into the interview, the goal of the cover letter is to make the recruiter keen to read your CV. These recruiters are only human so if you can make their job a little easier, that can only help you stand out from your competitors.

By providing on-target answers to their most important questions, you’re positioning yourself for a favorable response. The recruiter is just looking for one executive. One person to solve the company’s current challenge. If you’re a good fit for that role, the clearer that is to the recruiter, the better your prospects are.


An important goal of your personal branding is to highlight your strengths and personal attributes in such a way as to differentiate you from the other applicants. You want to be seen as belonging to a category of one where nobody else can offer the company what you can.

Those differentiators are what will sell you. When you get into the interview, you can develop those themes but they are first raised in your cover letter and CV.


A well-worded letter showcases your communication skills. Our writer can either seek to reflect your writing style, or start with the draft cover letter you wrote and edit and improve it.

The company will also get a good idea of your personality as they read your letter.


Describing significant workplace achievements that you have managed is a powerful strategy to help the new company envisage how you could contribute to their corporate goals.

Be specific when you write about your project management successes. Give them enough information (such as numbers and percentages) so they can visualize you making an impact for them if they were to hire you.

For example, if the sales growth you achieved came after three stagnant years, include that as the context. If you used your people management skills to smoothly achieve a needed restructuring, explain this. Vignettes like these will help paint the picture that you are a value-adding executive, not just another staffer near the top end of the payroll.


To make a strong and positive impression, select words that are powerful and achievement oriented. Words like accelerated, envisioned, leveraged, and pioneered.


Not only do you want your submission to look good as a result of an attractive layout, you also want it to be easy to skim and then easy for the recruiter to read. Give him/her confident flowing language that carries your story forward. An expertly-prepared cover letter will do just that.



Those who have chosen to purchase executive cover letters online have been pleased with their decision. Not only did they get the benefit of speedy submission of their original information via an online form, the revision process was faster too.

When you select a cover letter service which offers multiple revisions, any needed edits can whiz back and forth between the two of you rapidly. With a fast update process, you can get your final polished CV and cover letter into the company’s hands faster.

Today it makes good business sense to outsource to an expert and to make that connection online.

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