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Here are some of the articles & blog posts I've written...

Are There Effective Natural Alternatives to Aspirin?
Answering the question in a 1360+ word article with many links to source material and further reading.

Beware of Dehydration! Drink More Water. Here’s How
The benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, then all the how-to info, including the tip to eat your water. Yes, eat it!

Low Energy: Understand The Science of Stable Blood Sugar
First the explanation, then the action steps to make this a useful article, not just an informative one.

My Story: Instead of Meloxicam’s Adverse Results & Complications
A personal account, first published on a health blog I was running at the time. Another longer article (1380+ words).

Seaweed Magic
In praise of this natural fertilizer, with warm memories of my father.

The Healthy Eating Plate: I Can Stop Counting Calories
Plus why I disagree with one point in the Harvard Health eating plan.

Top 10 Killers in America (And How You Can Live Healthier Longer)
First, the top ten list. Then, the diet and lifestyle factors for each of the ten.

What Are The Best Foods For Constipation?
As well as discussing the regularity-promoting foods, I’ve added a section on laxatives, along with advice on how to reduce the risk of constipation.

What Natural Therapies Can Help Me Stop Smoking?
A short chat about hypnosis, acupuncture, NLP and EFT.


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