What Natural Therapies Can Help Me Stop Smoking?

Natural Therapies to Help You Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker who wishes you’d never started, you’ve probably tried plenty of different stop smoking methods. The traditional ones and some herbal ones, but if you’re still smoking after all that effort, why not try some non-medicinal natural therapies?

And that’s what we’ve got for you here. A handful of natural therapies to help you in your journey towards finally quitting your smoking habit. Not in any particular order, by the way. See what feels best for you.

Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis is one method that has been successfully used by many people to help them stop smoking. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist might ask the patient to think and focus on negative associations regarding their smoking habit.

For example, they might ask their patient to think of cigarette smoke as filthy truck exhaust. This helps the smoker to subconsciously reject the desire to smoke.

One popular hypnosis method for smoking cessation is the Spiegel’s method. This method allows an individual to focus on three affirmations.

1. The first is smoking only poisons the body.
2. The second is you need to be healthy to live.
3. The third, you have the obligation to respect your body and keep it healthy if you want to live.

These three things have to be repeated as self-affirmations whenever the person feels the urge to smoke.

If you would like to try hypnosis, look for a licensed and experienced hypnotherapist to increase your chances of quitting successfully.

Acupuncture to stop smoking

Acupuncture helps you better deal with all the symptoms that you may experience when trying to quit smoking.

Acupuncture is beneficial for regaining your body’s energy balance, thereby making it easier for you to not only quit the habit but also to achieve optimal health.

The acupuncture therapy will help you cope with jitters, cravings, restlessness, irritability and other symptoms associated with a nicotine withdrawal.

Many patients report that even the thought of smoking after an acupuncture session makes them feel nauseous. This can last for days. The smell of smoke and even the look of cigarettes can be very off-putting.

A study conducted at the University of Oslo in Norway showed that acupuncture significantly helped smokers kick their habit even after five years from the date of their initial treatment. Participants of the study stated that after their first acupuncture treatment their taste for tobacco had reduced.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

As you try to quit smoking you will be battling from the withdrawal symptoms of a nicotine addiction. However, even though you may feel like you are not in control, you can be the master of your own body.

With the help of certain NLP techniques, such as the NLP Anchor and Swish Pattern, you will be able to rewire your brain and make it easier for you to get rid of any nicotine addiction. Try it and see!

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping

EFT is a simple technique that requires your focused attention while you use your fingertips for tapping meridian points of your body.

Behind these meridian points are energy pathways that are believed to be in chaos when a person becomes anxious, in pain or stressed.

Through using EFT or ‘Tapping’, you will be able to bring back the balance of your energy pathways and eventually find yourself no longer a slave to the emotional drivers behind your nicotine addiction.

Part of the reason why it is hard for an individual to quit smoking is because some negative emotions are suppressed or pacified when smoking. If these emotions remain unresolved a person will most likely get back to smoking as a way of pacifying their emotions.

This is when EFT proves to be very helpful for those wishing to quit smoking. It helps people bring back the balance of their energy pathways that may have become disrupted due to anxiety, stress and/or other negative emotions.

All these natural therapies have shown excellent results in helping individuals to quit their smoking habit. Try one or try them all. It may be just a day or two before you never smoke again. When you’ve left the world of cigarette smoke behind, you’ll be so pleased. And you’ll be on the way to a healthier you, as well.

Here’s to helping you stop smoking using natural therapies!

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