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Are There Effective Natural Alternatives to Aspirin? – Answering the question in a 1360+ word article with many links to source material and further reading.

Beware of Dehydration! Drink More Water. Here’s How – The benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, then all the how-to info, including the tip to eat your water. Yes, eat it!

Low Energy: Understand The Science of Stable Blood Sugar – First the explanation, then the action steps to make this a useful article, not just an informative one.

My Story: Instead of Meloxicam’s Adverse Results & Complications – A personal account, first published on a health blog I was running at the time. Another longer article (1380+ words).

Seaweed Magic – In praise of this natural fertilizer, with warm memories of my father.

Shock Finding: 20% of Baby Food Has Lead in it – Based on a 10-year study. Originally published on my old NaturalHealthJoy.com site.

The Healthy Eating Plate: I Can Stop Counting Calories – Plus why I disagree with one point in the Harvard Health eating plan.

Top 10 Killers in America (And How You Can Live Healthier Longer) – First, the top ten list. Then, the diet and lifestyle factors for each of the ten.

What Are The Best Foods For Constipation? – As well as discussing the regularity-promoting foods, I’ve added a section on laxatives, along with advice on how to reduce the risk of constipation.

What Natural Therapies Can Help Me Stop Smoking? – A short chat about hypnosis, acupuncture, NLP and EFT.

You Can Be Successful on Upwork – Here’s How – A guest post I wrote for FreelanceYourFuture. I teach similar strategies to those in my Huffington Post piece (see below), but this is an entirely fresh presentation. I never plagiarize… I don’t even copy my own material.

Quality overdelivered

“Two words come to mind… Quality overdelivered.

Gary’s Appetite Control is an amazing first release by a new PLR [private label rights] producer. He has gone all-out to deliver huge value – and it shows! Readers in the health niches are going to lap this up.

And what a terrific topic. One that connects with so many people – appetite management. Well researched and well written. This is personable writing with solid content. It’s a WINNER and highly recommended.”

Les Blythe
Marketing Strategist and Copywriter


15 Examples of Parallax Scrolling Done Right in Website Designs – A long-form article written for the editorial team at WPeka.com.

Engineered French Oak Timber Flooring – As mentioned on the home page here, John and Amy hired me to write the text for the full site. This involved substantial research to get the technical details right, and a good-sized list of long tail keywords. Their web team did a beautiful job, didn’t they?

Green Web Hosting – A web hosting server produces 1,390 pounds (630 kg) of CO2 per year but there are eco-friendly alternatives.

Honey I Shrunk The Power Bill (by 25%) – A short piece on solar energy.

How to Upload Large Images in WordPress – Another long-form article commissioned by the editorial team at WPeka.com.

SiteGround Coupons – A promotion for SG’s web hosting service that starts by explaining why they’re such a good hosting company.

What Are The Dangers of Polybutylene Piping? – Written for a client.


Business Writing Services – The client supplied 3 keyword phrases, the primary keyword to be used in the article title with the others to be used as subtitles (as well as in the text).

Buy An Executive Cover Letter – The article identifies the benefits of outsourcing the writing of your executive cover letter. The client managed a team of outsource writers.

Buy Internship CV – The same client supplied 3 keyword phrases, the primary keyword to be used in the article title with the others to be used as subtitles (as well as in the text).

Four Green Consumers – Which Are You? – When it comes to marketing to eco-conscious consumers, there are four different personas.

Succeeding on Upwork: How I Became “Top Rated” and How You Can Too (My 7 “Secrets”) – In this Huffington Post article, I reveal my customer service principles and practices. These 7 secrets are why I was awarded the ‘Top Rated’ status when I was using Upwork. And they also explain how I serve my clients today. They’re your guarantee of satisfaction!

What’s The Easiest Way to Self-Publish an EBook? – Five steps that take you all the way through to being a published author, with a clear emphasis on “the easiest way”.


Here's a selection of my CBD articles – The client wanted 1000 words minimum. And that's what they got. But sometimes the final word count went over 1400 words because I felt the content called for a longer presentation. And the client loved it. Odds are... you will too!


Ecigarette Reviews – A story-type of presentation intended to engage readers while also providing clear information.

No Cost Tactics for Going Green at Home – Nine practical steps, with eight more in part two.

The Mad Professor and the Smelly Drain – A fun piece.

Top Hybrid Bikes For Women – A short filler piece for a magazine.

Which Is Greener? Dishwasher or Hand Washing? – Explaining the four factors that underpin the decision.

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