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Business Writing Services – The client supplied 3 keyword phrases, the primary keyword to be used in the article title with the others to be used as subtitles (as well as in the text).

Buy Military CV – After the client supplied the keyword phrase 'buy military cv', I identified a handful of similar search phrases and peppered them throughout this article. I've bolded them here because they illustrate the SEO approach I use.

Buy An Executive Cover Letter – The article identifies the benefits of outsourcing the writing of your executive cover letter to a professional. The client managed a team of outsource writers.

Buy Internship CV – One of the first things I did in this piece is make a connection with the person who wants to send an internship CV to a company but is worried sick about what to say. Or not to say.

Four Green Consumers – Which Are You? – When it comes to marketing to eco-conscious consumers, there are four different personas.

What’s The Easiest Way to Self-Publish an EBook? – Five steps that take you all the way through to being a published author, with a clear emphasis on “the easiest way”.


Here's a selection of my CBD articles – The client wanted 1000 words minimum. And that's what they got. But sometimes the final word count went over 1400 words because I felt the content called for a longer presentation. And the client loved it. Odds are... you will too!


Are There Effective Natural Alternatives to Aspirin? – Answering the question in a 1360+ word article with many links to source material and further reading.

Beware of Dehydration! Drink More Water. Here’s How – The benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, then all the how-to info, including the tip to eat your water. Yes, eat it!

Low Energy: Understand The Science of Stable Blood Sugar – First the explanation, then the action steps to make this a useful article, not just an informative one.

My Story: Instead of Meloxicam’s Adverse Results & Complications – A personal account, first published on a health blog I was running at the time. Another longer article (1380+ words).

Seaweed Magic – In praise of this natural fertilizer, with warm memories of my father.

Shock Finding: 20% of Baby Food Has Lead in it – Based on a 10-year study. Originally published on my old NaturalHealthJoy.com site.

The Healthy Eating Plate: I Can Stop Counting Calories – Plus why I disagree with one point in the Harvard Health eating plan.

Top 10 Killers in America (And How You Can Live Healthier Longer) – First, the top ten list. Then, the diet and lifestyle factors for each of the ten.

What Are The Best Foods For Constipation? – As well as discussing the regularity-promoting foods, I’ve added a section on laxatives, along with advice on how to reduce the risk of constipation.

What Natural Therapies Can Help Me Stop Smoking? – A short chat about hypnosis, acupuncture, NLP and EFT.

Quality overdelivered

“Two words come to mind… Quality overdelivered.

Gary’s Appetite Control is an amazing first release by a new PLR [private label rights] producer. He has gone all-out to deliver huge value – and it shows! Readers in the health niches are going to lap this up.

And what a terrific topic. One that connects with so many people – appetite management. Well researched and well written. This is personable writing with solid content. It’s a WINNER and highly recommended.”

Les Blythe
Marketing Strategist and Copywriter


15 Examples of Parallax Scrolling Done Right in Website Designs – A long-form article written for the editorial team at WPeka.com.

Engineered French Oak Timber Flooring – As mentioned on the home page here, John and Amy hired me to write the text for the full site. This involved substantial research to get the technical details right, and a good-sized list of long tail keywords. Their web team did a beautiful job, didn’t they?

Green Web Hosting – A web hosting server produces 1,390 pounds (630 kg) of CO2 per year but there are eco-friendly alternatives.

Honey I Shrunk The Power Bill (by 25%) – A short piece on solar energy.

How to Upload Large Images in WordPress – Another long-form article commissioned by the editorial team at WPeka.com.

SiteGround Coupons – A promotion for SG’s web hosting service that starts by explaining why they’re such a good hosting company.

What Are The Dangers of Polybutylene Piping? – Written for a client.


Ecigarette Reviews – A story-type of presentation intended to engage readers while also providing clear information.

No Cost Tactics for Going Green at Home – Nine practical steps, with eight more in part two.

The Mad Professor and the Smelly Drain – A fun piece.

Top Hybrid Bikes For Women – A short filler piece for a magazine.

Which Is Greener? Dishwasher or Hand Washing? – Explaining the four factors that underpin the decision.

Top Rated on Upwork

Succeeding on Upwork: How I Became “Top Rated” and How You Can Too (My 7 “Secrets”) – In this Huffington Post article, I reveal my customer service principles and practices.

These 7 secrets are why I was awarded the ‘Top Rated’ status when I was using Upwork. And they also explain how I serve my clients today. They’re your guarantee of satisfaction!

You Can Be Successful on Upwork – Here’s How – A guest post I wrote for FreelanceYourFuture. I teach similar strategies to those in my Huffington Post piece, but this is an entirely fresh presentation.

I never plagiarize… I don’t even copy my own material.

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