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UPDATE: In the light of recent findings about the risks of vaping, I would no longer write a piece like this.

ABOUT THIS PIECE: This is a story-type of presentation intended to engage readers while also providing clear information.

The brief: “These will be the landing pages where most prospective buyers enter the site, so must be persuasive. They’ll need a little on-page SEO, but the focus is for humans.”

Here the client’s target keyword was “eCigarette Reviews”. I used Google to identify several other related keywords which I also used for variation: e-cigarettes, ecigs, electronic cigarette, ecig.

I also included other terms that Google might expect to see in an informed discussion about ecigarettes… words such as nicotine, tobacco, vapor, smoking, smokes, lung cancer. (Google calls this concept the ‘universe of discourse’, the idea being that an intelligent discussion of any topic is likely to include a range of related concepts and the words that express those concepts. By including some of those words, Google is likely to rate the article higher.)

American spelling is used. 424 words.

I suggested 2 things to the client. “When posting to your site, use H1 markup for the article’s main heading and H2 for the subhead part way through the article. Name the image like this, using your keywords: ecigarette-reviews.jpg”.

The client was delighted. Final response: “This is superb!”


He winked at her as he lit up.

She smiled back. It was the best decision they’d made in a long time.

You see, Rick had been wanting to do something about his smoking problem for years now.

He’d tried cold turkey. No way! And he’d tried those nicotine patches he saw advertised on TV. He’d even tried chewing gum instead of lighting up.

And nothing had worked for him. He was miserable.

Then one day Beth – the love of his life since they were both 21 – had seen a fascinating piece on the internet about e-cigarettes. She already knew that cigarette smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7000 chemicals. What she didn’t know was that ecigs contain NO tobacco and NO tar. And they make NO smoke.

She was intrigued.

So Beth shared her findings with Rick.

At first he wasn’t too optimistic but he agreed to try ecigs. Just for her.

It turned out better than he’d expected. Very nicely indeed, actually.

So when they were at the next barbecue with friends, he winked at her as he lit up. And she smiled back – because they both knew this was a healthier alternative than smoking nicotine cigarettes.

It felt good.

Rick’s personal victory was all the sweeter for Beth because she’d been the one who found it – and she really did love him and she didn’t want him to suffer the ravages of lung cancer or any of those other dreadful diseases that smokers can get.

For Beth, those anti-tobacco ads were most unsettling. But now Rick was doing something about it. And she was pleased.

When Rick winked at Beth, one of his workmates at the BBQ noticed.

“What’s going on here?” thought Wally. So he hotfooted it over to the happy couple.

“Rick, good buddy, I thought you’d given up on the smokes”.

“Hey Wally, good to see you too. Wanna see my trendy new electronic cigarette?”

“Er, sure” said Wally. So Rick spent the next few minutes waxing eloquent about his new ecig.

“Smart looking, eh? It’s powered by a tiny rechargeable battery that turns the liquid into vapor… like smoke.

“The main ingredients of the liquid are water, vegetable glycerine, and flavoring. You can get it in a whole bunch of different flavors. And you can have it with or without nicotine. I really like that.”

Beth chimed in. “e-Cigs are way cheaper than tobacco cigarettes too!”

“Sounds like a win-win”, said Wally, as they all headed over to the kitchen for another piece of pizza.

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