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If you are wanting to buy an internship CV online, you’ve come to the right place.

On this page, we’re going to answer the questions you’re probably been asking yourself.

If you’ve never done it before (and even if you have), sending out your CV to a company where you want an internship can be quite a worrying job. You want to get it right because you want to advance your career and spending time at this company will be a solid step in the right direction.

Nobody likes getting turned down, and if you submit a below-par CV, it is almost certain you’ll be disappointed. You won’t make it through the first cut.

With that in mind, let’s dive in.

Why Buy An Internship CV?

If you’re fresh out of school or college, you’re probably wondering “What do I put in my CV when I haven’t got any work experience?”


The good news is that paid work is not the only thing that counts here. You have had all sorts of experiences that have helped to make you the unique person that you are today. Surprisingly (to some people), many of those may be applicable right now.

Let’s go through some.

WRITING. Writing is a skill, one that you may take for granted but it can be valuable to an employer. Say you wrote several papers which received good marks, or even a dissertation. Your employer may not need a dissertation writer but he very likely would value somebody who writes clearly. If you had to do some research before you wrote a long paper, mention that too. It can all help. The point here is to apply your skills to the employer’s needs. Frame them in such a way as to make it clear that you can help him run and grow his business.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you helped out as a tour guide on open day at your school, mention it because it shows you have valuable people skills and a serving attitude. Many young people would not have been willing to do that. It also shows initiative. Capitalize on that by including it in your CV.

COMPUTER SKILLS. If you are skilled at word processing (and who isn’t these days?), say so. Windows or Mac? Tell them what other software you are familiar with, along with your proficiency level for each. If you learned how to use one particular program out of personal interest rather than it being a school requirement, say so. That kind of passion could be just what the boss wants to see. It could land you the internship, even if this isn’t a software company.

SOCIAL MEDIA. If you’ve helped others build their Facebook pages or LinkedIn profiles, include that. If you’ve created YouTube videos, say so (unless they’re embarrassing, in which case maybe don’t). If your friends have a rock group and you promoted it online, briefly explain how.

LEADERSHIP. Did you once help out with the little kids’ activities at church? Did you set up the Chess Club at school? Be sure to mention things like that because they illustrate valuable employee qualities which could help get you onto the short list to be interviewed.

UNPAID WORK. Perhaps you’ve helped out at your father’s small business or you are a basketball coach on the weekend. Have you helped with fund raising for a charity?

FAST FOOD SERVICE. If you spent a summer or two flipping burgers, by all means include that because during that time you learned customer service, you learned to work as a member of a team, you learned how to handle money, you learned time management, and you learned to be reliable. Did I miss anything? If I did, add it to the list of transferable skills which many an employer will value.

Finally, a few quick tips. Some of these seemingly-little things could let you down if you’re not aware of them.

– Check your voicemail greeting to be sure it’s mature. Be sure it reflects the kind of qualities an employer would find attractive.

– The same applies to your email address. Your personal name will look better to an employer than something silly @hotmail.

– Avoid slang and a careless selection of words because the only things the internship manager knows about you are what you write, whether it’s a fair reflection of the real you or not. It pays to be your best self when you’re preparing your CV.

That is where a professional CV writer is such an asset.

They are not feeling nervous like you probably are. They have written dozens, often hundreds, of documents just like yours.

They are not wondering how you are supposed to say the things you want to say. They know. They were trained in how to write strong internship CVs.

Why Purchase An Internship CV Online?

If you are currently completing your studies, an important benefit you get when you purchase your internship Curriculum Vitae online is that your studies are not interrupted.

Sure, you need to compile the basic raw data for the CV writer (and we’ve talked about that, and what to include if you haven’t had any paid work experience) but you don’t have to worry about how to package all that into a sharp looking, informative CV. The CV pro knows how to do that.

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